About Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik – only one sight at the city speaks more than a thousand words. And if all the people who passed through the city, walked its streets or lived in it, would tell their stories it would last more than 1001 night.

The city itself, arisen on a sea cliff, encircled by the ancient walls, has defended its freedom for centuries. On the border between the East and the West, it fended off all the hardships mostly by using the wisdom and diplomacy of its citizens.

Today Dubrovnik remained the intact coulisse of past times. Its position by the sea makes it the pearl of the Mediterranean, with its beautiful ancient stone walls, houses, churches and palaces leaving breathless all the people who see it for the first time. And so, the way this city is, romantic by itself, it is the most suitable place where you can say your destined “yes” to the person with whom you want to enter eternity.

Dubrovnik offers a lot of beautiful places for your dream wedding, be it within the city’s historic walls, or somewhat further on the nearby terraces with the view on the Old city or even further, far enough from the tourists, yet still in the vicinity of the historic city to feel its pulse.