Vintage & boho style

Today the most popular wedding styles are those that go a little bit into the past. Whether you travel to the 1930s in vintage style or a bit closer to our 1970s in fluffy boho style, fluffiness and a breath of past should be sensed. The dresses in vintage style have simple lines, gently fall […]

Wedding styles

Have you ever thought about what style you would like to have your wedding in? If not, now is the best time to start!! Because once you decide in which style you would like to design your wedding, then all the elements need to be harmonized in that style. Starting with the invitations and wedding […]

Why to get married?

Before I start to write about wedding details, I would like to reflect on the topic without which weddings would not exist, and the topic is – marriage. In today’s hectic everyday rhythm, when we all rush somewhere, chase careers, run after money, success, power, something “better” … we don’t understand that we are actually […]


Dubrovnik – that beautiful city at the southernmost part of Croatia is my birth town, what makes me very happy. The city rich in culture with even richer history, from year to year entices more and more interested people who want to see its beauty. The city under UNESCO’s protection is a must-see destination for […]

Wedding Planning vs. Architecture

Wedding planning and Architecture. Everybody asks why? How? Everybody says the two are totally opposite. I would say they are not as far apart as one might think. What is an architect’s task? The main thing an architect has to know is how to make a wholeness out of a lot of details. While designing, […]

Here we are

Adele would say: “This is the end…”, but I say: “THIS IS THE BEGINNING!” Here we are – DUBROVNIK DESTINATION WEDDING, established to help you fulfil your dreams, only the sky is our limit!!