Dubrovnik – that beautiful city at the southernmost part of Croatia is my birth town, what makes me very happy. The city rich in culture with even richer history, from year to year entices more and more interested people who want to see its beauty. The city under UNESCO’s protection is a must-see destination for cruise boats that sail the Adriatic, and with air lines it is connected to numerous European cities.

Located at the Southern Adriatic, Dubrovnik has a mild Mediterannean climate, with hot and sunny summers and mild winters. Because of a large number of sunny hours during the whole year, we in Dubrovnik keep on our sunny glasses even during the winter.

Cultural festival – „Dubrovnik Summer Festival“ that lasts a month and a half in the mid of the summer season, is an unavoidable manifestation that enjoy both home and foreign tourists.

And when the summer tourist season quiets down, Dubrovnik becomes Croatian number one congress center. Dubrovnik and its surroundings, especially the neighbouring town of Cavtat are the strongest Croatian congress destinations.

Dubrovnik is also called by its local name “the city of Saint Blasius”. Saint Blasius has been the protector of Dubrovnik for centuries. On its day, 3rd February on which he, according to the legend, saved Dubrovnik from Venetian attack, all Dubrovnik people stop working and worship their protector.

Besides tourism, Dubrovnik is well-known for its water-polo. Water-polo is the most popular sport in Dubrovnik and many world water-polists started their careers in Dubrovnik continuing them abroad.

Dubrovnik history is so rich that it deserves its special blog post, so only in short: Dubrovnik was an independent Republic for 450 years (14th -19th century). Its income was based on maritime affairs and trade, it would change its rector (duke) every month (so that he wouldn’t misuse his position ) and the city appreciated its freedom (LIBERTAS) above all.

As Dubrovnik is located on the Mediterranean, its Mediterranean gastronomy (for which it is said to be the healthiest in the world) is indescribable, so you should definitely try it out!!

After I shortly described the main characteristics of the city, the question raises: why to have a wedding in Dubrovnik? The answer is – for all the reasons I here mentioned. I think it is worthy to come and see this historic city, preserved in its original shape. Once you see it and experience our gastronomy, you would realize why it is the best possible place in the world for your wedding.


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