Wedding Organization

Based on your wishes and requests, we provide the service of a complete planning and organization of your wedding, together with the celebration of additional events connected to the wedding. Together you and we create the complete design of a characteristic wedding layout: from flowers and flower arrangements, through decorations and decorative details, to the scenography of the ritual itself or the photo session. We provide expert help and advice on all the aspects of the planning and organization of your wedding as well as coordinate all the suppliers and providers of the ordered services.

Partial Organization of the Wedding

If you yourself are organizing your wedding, and have lack of time to do everything alone, let us take over organization of the activities which you don’t want to spend your precious time on.

Wedding Coordination

If you only need coordination of already planned and arranged services, without the whole planning of the wedding, you can rely on us with confidence. Feel relaxed prior to and on your wedding day by entrusting us with the coordination of all the service providers that you agreed on the services and deliveries with.

Wedding Organization Consulting

You need only an advice on organizing a wedding, choosing location or deciding only about some services? Feel free to contact us because we would be pleased to help you with setting you out into your wedding story.

Various Wedding Events

You would like to entertain your guests (and yourself) even prior to your wedding celebration? We can also help you with that by providing propositions of locations, content and other accompanying services. It also applies to the events that you would like to organize after the wedding, in somewhat more relaxed and intimate atmosphere.


If you are looking for an exclusive location for your engagement, we are at your service.