City’s Palaces

If you wish to sense the spirit of past times and feel as a noble walking through the most beautiful Dubrovnik palaces – palaces are the best choice for you!

The Sponza Palace – have your wedding in a gorgeous gothic-renaissance palace, situated at the end of Stradun, the main street of the Old town. The palace has changed its function through the history – from customs office, the Republic’s treasury, bank, money mint, all to the school and treasury. Today, the palace hosts the city’s archive that keeps one of the most important documents from the whole history of Dubrovnik to this day. In its beautiful atrium a breath of rich Dubrovnik history could also touch your unique day, the one that would be permanently recorded by all your family memory archives.


The Rector’s Palace – have your wedding in a palace that has for centuries been the administrative and governmental centre of the historic Dubrovnik Republic. Rector’s Palace is a gothic palace with renaissance-baroque reconstructions. The palace was once the seat of the government and at the same time the count’s house of residence – the rector was the main ruler (governor) of the Republic who was chosen for a one-month mandate. Today it is the Museum of Dubrovnik, and in its beautiful atrium classical concerts are held during Dubrovnik Summer Festival. The gorgeous stone staircase with stone balustrade makes the atrium’s coulisse within which your wedding could evoke memories of past times, and you could feel as if you were a real princess.



City’s Fortresses

Would you like to feel strong and powerful standing at the top of the high Dubrovnik ancient walls as if no one could reach you – then the walls and fortresses of the City are your best choice!

Lovrjenac Fortress – get married in a monumental fortress built in the 14th century that was a key fortress for defense of Dubrovnik from the sea. The fortress had through history only fortification purpose, while in the recent years it has become a natural stage for performing dramas, especially Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Let your wedding be a drama from your dreams that would shine on the monumental walls of this beautiful fortress.

Saint John Fortress – would you wish to have your wedding on Dubrovnik’s ancient walls? The fortress Saint John is the best place for that! The fortress gained its final shape in the 16th century. Its original purpose was that of the city’s south-east defence wall. Today it hosts the aquarium and maritime museum, and the view from its roof is on the city’s port. Although it is not as private as some other locations because it is included in regular tour of the walls, for the adventurists that do not mind other people’s glances, this fortress would offer a heightened and unforgettable experience.



The Islands

Would you wish to sense romance, be under the shade of Mediterranean herbs, experience romantic boat trip or beautiful sunsets, the islands of Dubrovnik archipelago are an ideal place for your wedding!

Lokrum – have your wedding on a beautiful green island just opposite the Old City! The island of Lokrum – a reserved area of forest vegetation under the UNESCO’s protection is only 10 minutes away from the City by boat. It is the favourite swimming place of Dubrovnik citizens, and inside the island there is Dead Sea – the smallest sea in the world. There are numerous traditional tales connected to the island, so it is not permanently inhabited. For the wedding ceremony Lokrum offers several locations. Come and choose your favourite one!


Lopud Island – have your wedding on the most romantic island out of over thousand Croatian islands! Lopud is a very beautiful island, inside the Dubrovnik’s Elafiti archipelago, about an hour away from the city by boat from the port of Gruž. It is known for its gorgeous sand beaches. On the island there is Šunj, the most beautiful sand beach in Croatia, while on the opposite side of the island there is a Franciscan monastery and a beautiful garden from the 19th century. Inscribe your names also in the sand of the most beautiful Lopud’s beaches!


Koločep (Kalamota) – celebrate your wedding on a beautiful Elafiti island with unforgettable sunset! Koločep or, as Dubrovnik citizens call it, Kalamota, is yet another out of the very beautiful islands of Dubrovnik archipelago. It is the southernmost Croatian island that is has two settlements, situated on the opposite sides of the island. Sail in with the boat to Villa Ruža (Rose) and celebrate your unique day on this unique island.



Viewing the City

If you would like just to watch the city from afar, and not become part of its attire, next are ideal places for you. So close to the history of the city, yet far enough from the crowd and curious glances!

The Orsula Park – have your wedding on the most beautiful Dubrovnik location for open-air concerts. With big enthusiasm and effort of just one man, this location that had been overgrown by wild plants, was transformed into a fantastic place. Near the ruin of a small church a beautiful concert stage was created. Come and see for yourself that this view is worth of keeping it in long memory!


The Srđ Amphitheatre – have your wedding on a hill above the city and observe Dubrovnik from bird’s eye perspective. To the amphitheatre on Srđ hill you could be taken by a cable car, but if you wish, you can also come by car. The view from this location to the city and the surrounding hills and islands is breath-taking. Feel yourself a breath of this atmosphere and get married on the highest hill above Dubrovnik!



Romantic Dubrovnik

Would you like to get married with the view on the city, but so close to the city’s walls that you have the feeling that you could touch them? If the answer is ‘yes’, then these romantic gardens of the city’s hotels are the great choice for you!

Excelsior Hotel – have your wedding on a beautiful “Palm Terrace”, a hotel that has in its 100 years of existence hosted many world renown stars. Excelsior Hotel is a 5-star luxury hotel. From the terrace the view goes all the way to the city’s core itself. With the murmur of the sea and the view on the city, romance is ensured.


Argentina Hotel – have your wedding on the “Pine Garden”, “Small Terrace”, “Big Garden” or “Beach Restaurant” of the Argentina hotel. Whatever location you choose, expect a gentle and romantic atmosphere with the view on the Old City. With the peaceful ambience all your dreams would turn into reality.




Is there anything more popular in the world if weddings than a vintage wedding? Would you like to be a part of this story? Would you like to revive some old, yet not so remote times, when life seemed easier, full of optimism, dance and pure joy?

Villa Šeherezada (Scheherazade) – have your wedding in a very nice vintage villa, erected in 1920s. Built in oriental style, as the tale says because of the love story similar to the famous Indian one, it is rightfully called the Taj Mahal of the Mediterranean. By walking through its terraces, fantasize about the secret love stories of past times, and make your wedding revive the spirit of flirty sensuality of the East.



By the Sea

There is nothing more beautiful than the wedding by the sea, while you hear the waves in the background, seagulls flying over you and crickets from the nearby pine forest. Have your unique day marked and your memories framed by the sea – the most beautiful natural coulisse.

Palace Hotel – have your wedding on the terrace of a unique hotel with the view on the open sea and reeves with a picturesque little lighthouse. Orientation of the hotel towards the open sea ensures the intimacy you could only wish for! Dance by the pool near the sea and feel as if there are only the two of you in the whole world!


Spinaker Bar Terrace of the Croatia Hotel – have your wedding in a little pine forest, with the view on the most beautiful town in Dubrovnik surroundings – Cavtat! Cavtat, that is only 18 km away from Dubrovnik writes its history parallel with the Old City. You could also sense the peace and the beauty of such a small town hidden inside the peaceful natural lagoon.




Is your wish to feel contemporary atmosphere, yet still remain inside the historic walls? Then this is your ideal location!

Restaurant 360˚ – celebrate your wedding in a gorgeous contemporary restaurant that is situated inside the walls of the Old City. With its terraces in several storeys, it enables the playfulness of the space, with views on its atrium or from the walls to the sea. Sense the history in contemporary surroundings in this unique location that connects Dubrovnik’s past and present!




You like sailing? You adore to change places and locations, yet still remain at the same place all the time? Then the wedding on the boat is the right choice for you!

Karaka Boat – have your wedding in a replica of a historic Dubrovnik boat ‘karaka’. Karaka used to be built in Dubrovnik Republic between the 14th and 17th century. It was one of the biggest and most respectable boats of the time on the Mediterranean. Today, the replica of the old Dubrovnik karaka is adjusted to the tourists comfort. Sail into your marriage on this historic boat and sense the energy of the authentic medieval Mediterranean.




You have always dreamed about getting married on a beach? The two of you, barefoot on the sand, with the wind in your hair and murmuring of the waves, alone or surrounded by special people … could you even imagine a wedding at a better location?

Banje Beach Restaurant Lounge & Club – have your wedding on a beautiful city beach near the Old City. After all the rush during the day, at night this location turns into a place for pleasant socializing with dancing and fun. If you choose this place you would have a wedding on the beach, yet so close to the city so that the celebration itself would take place in the restaurant/club on the beach.




Have you ever imagined to have a wedding inside a cave? Dubrovnik offers also this possibility. Have your wedding ceremony under the cave’s natural ceiling and enjoy the natural breathtaking ambience.

Cave Bar of the More (Sea) Hotel – during the building of the hotel, the builders accidentally found a cave and decided to make it a part of the hotel’s interior. The interior of the hotel bar is inside the cave, and its outside terrace stretches out to the sea. Should there anything be added to such a unique and amazing location – choose a wedding in a cave!



Church Wedding

In Dubrovnik and its surrounding area there are a lot of very beautiful Catholic churches. Should you wish to have a church wedding, it is on you to choose only where to exchange your vows of love.