Wedding Planning vs. Architecture

Wedding planning and Architecture. Everybody asks why? How? Everybody says the two are totally opposite. I would say they are not as far apart as one might think.

What is an architect’s task? The main thing an architect has to know is how to make a wholeness out of a lot of details. While designing, we as architects have to go from small to big scale all the time. We are making a unique wholeness but all the time we have to check all the details. Because changing only one detail can change the whole idea. Balancing between details and wholness is what we do all the time. And isn’t that what every kind of planning is, including planning of a wedding? Trying to keep the wholeness even when all the details are changing all the time is the very process of planning. The one who can’t visualize the wholeness seeing only the details can’t be a successful architect or wedding planner.

In architecture it is not always as we would wish (even if we think we know the best). It is always a balance between us, the investor and the builder. Isn’t with the weddings the same? We are helping you to shape your ideas and wishes into something that is possible to achieve.

Do you now see the connection between the two?

How long does it last? Planning a wedding is a process that lasts about one year. Making a house from an idea to a built house lasts maybe a little bit longer (because of our legislation!), but it is the same process that sometimes starts with one idea and finishes with completely different one.

From all I talk here about, I belive you see I’m ready. Ready for you. Let’s make a perfect wholeness out of many beautiful details we will get in touch with during our process of planning. Looking forward to meeting you!!

Let’s make our story stunning!!


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