Vintage & boho style

Today the most popular wedding styles are those that go a little bit into the past. Whether you travel to the 1930s in vintage style or a bit closer to our 1970s in fluffy boho style, fluffiness and a breath of past should be sensed.

The dresses in vintage style have simple lines, gently fall down the body, they are often rich in lace, mostly are in beige tones, not necessarily white. The vintage haircuts are full of curls down the cheeks or the curled hair stays inside a strict bun. The haircuts are firmly smoothened without leaving even one hair to chance. The flower bouquets are in gentle pastel colours, often decorated with pearls, feathers or similar other additional decorations. Most often they are firmly shaped, although a little bit of playfulness can find its place in them. All sorts of decorations in vintage style are similar in colours to bouquets, gentle pastel colours prevail and there are many decorative details, such as painting frames, bird cages, classical candlesticks with brightly coloured candles, shabby chic furniture, decorative elements such as pearls and pearl necklaces, luxurious chandeliers, old wooden boxes, even oldish mirrors, gentle pendulous elements such as hanging bird cages or wooden picture frames…

While vintage style is stricter in shapes, boho style is more gentle and fluffy in shapes. Actually, it continues with hippy style in which everything was non-binding, relaxed, natural … The bohemian dresses are more simple in lines also, but with much less lace details, sometimes so long that they drag along the floor. Sometimes those dresses come in several layers, however never in the shape of a crinoline, but gently falling along the body. Materials are not that shiny as in vintage style, but more natural. A must-have part of the overall outfit is almost always a wreath in hair, made out of wildflowers (I prefer daisies :-)). The haircut is mostly loose, most often it is a long hair, never strictly smoothen but regularly left free to sway in the wind. The “uncombed” look goes. The boho bouquet can be whatever one wishes, in whatever colours and shades as long as it is “messy”. The flowers are not formed into a regular round shape. No way. The flowers are scattered, colourful, in endless combinations. It often could be a bouquet of wildflowers, which looks as if they are just picked from a meadow – a characteristic of rustic style. The main detail of the bohemian wedding decorations are flowers, flowers and flowers … in various colours and styles, whether they are on the tables, in smaller vases, or hang from the surrounding trees or columns in colourful bottles and jars. Multicoloured bottles full of wildflowers of various colours, unusual candlesticks, lampions, angels and all that symbolize the idyll of the Nature; hanging ribbons, paintings clung on a rope by colourful wooden clothespins … all that may pass under boho style. The most important of all is the feeling of relaxation, and not of stiffness. It means that the bride would be so relaxed sure that her wedding planner would do everything right and not leave anything to chance on that special day. :-)


Vintage & boho stayle

Vintage & boho style

Photo credit: Nina-Photo

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