Why to get married?

Before I start to write about wedding details, I would like to reflect on the topic without which weddings would not exist, and the topic is – marriage.

In today’s hectic everyday rhythm, when we all rush somewhere, chase careers, run after money, success, power, something “better” … we don’t understand that we are actually running in circles. We often don’t see, because we don’t have time, that all this running maybe has and maybe doesn’t have sense. OK, it is such a time – you would say that you cannot fight it, because it would only run us over, but sometimes, at least only sometimes, we should stop and ask ourselves: what do I actually want? Because, in the end, when we face ourselves all alone, we would see that in this racing we have forgotten our own self and what we all really need, and that is love.

Why do I even write this for you? Because today fewer and fewer people decide to get married. They either don’t decide to do it at all or they postpone taking that step in their life. Maybe there are also people that resist love, who out of fear of giving oneself to someone else decide to stay alone because it is “easier” for them. Especially today when women gained equality with men and are not so much economically depended on men, many of them don’t bother if they get married or not. Also many men are afraid of strong women, of independent and brave women, so they as men just cannot deal with their strength and decide to run away from them to feel more powerful. In all that running we actually lose. We lose that what is most beautiful, the only thing that people from the dawn of time want, and that is love! I think that courage is what we are lacking most today! For surrendering to love one has to be brave, for entering a marriage even braver, and for having children in today’s time one has to be the bravest!

As we here deal with wedding, let us cling on to the “other courage” that I mentioned. As much as you are now in the period of tough decision making, when you must start treading another path, I only want to advise you to be brave! I advise you not to have doubts, not to ask yourself „what if“, but to bravely step forward into your life. When you have had so much luck in your life to find the person to spend the rest of your life with, don’t let him or her go, don’t complicate your life with insignificant details, instead, just relax, enjoy your happiness, plan your happiest day (as you have planned it since your childhood :-)) and don’t burden yourself with questions such as whether it is it or not, is he or she the right one or not, because if you have already come so far to think about your wedding, then he or she must be the right one for you! As regards the preparations that you need to go through now, just relax and decide in peace about all the details without any stress! You are probably enough stressed because of your work and all other things in your life! Maybe sometimes marriage is not that simple because one has to face a lot of compromises, but in the end I assure you it is worthwhile! Because spending your life with the person you love is the most beautiful thing that can happen in your life! :-)

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Photo credit: Filip Brala

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